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February 6, 2024

2024 Super Bowl: Chiefs vs. 49ers – A Clash of Titans Set to Light Up Allegiant Stadium

As the NFL universe braces itself for an electrifying showdown, all eyes are on the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, as they aim for a remarkable third title in just four years. Standing in their way are the San Francisco 49ers, who are riding high as favorites according to NFL odds.
January 6, 2024

Saturday NFL Games

This Saturday the NFL takes center stage with two big games for three of the participants. The first game is a battle in the AFC North where the top seed in the AFC, Baltimore Ravens, are hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers.
December 23, 2023

Christmas Day NFL

The NFL on Christmas Day?? What a beautiful world we live in. People say things are bad in the world but we get 3 Games to get us through the day on Christmas.
December 13, 2023

NBA MVP Ladder

The NBA has reached the quarter poll of the season and now we have a clearer picture of who has stayed at the top of the game and who has risen to an NFL Level.
December 7, 2023

How the NBA’s In-Season Tournament could be further improved

When the NBA announced its plans for the new In-Season Tournament, it was met with mixed responses. Every fan was on board with putting more importance on the regular season, which would hopefully make it a better product throughout the entirety of the campaign and cut down on the number of games that superstar players would miss due to rest and load management.

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